Character Bios

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Aniya Sato

A young woman and the daughter of a farmer. She takes care of her younger sister and keeps things running in the house. In midsummer, she and her younger sister, Marei, found a mysterious foreign man unconscious on the shore near their seaside village.

Marei Sato

The younger sister of Aniya, Marei is carefree and friendly. When she isn't getting into trouble, she is trying her best to help her older sister with chores.


Found on the shores of Gon Atam by Aniya and Marei, Izrekiel woke up with amnesia in an unfamiliar place. Only able to remember flashes of memories, the only clues to his past are the nightmares that haunt him. He is shy and speaks with a strange dialect.

Keilan Sato

Aniya and Marei's father and a rice farmer in Gon Atam. He's a hard-worker and has a kind and informal demeanor, and he treats strangers well.

Kehhasan Arou-Ekonai

Aniya and Marei's maternal grandmother, she is a healer and fortune-teller who lives just outside the temple of Giranii in Gon Atam. She is blunt and has a very no-nonsense attitude, but she has a developed sense of humor.

Irnu & Rohi Feilau

Brothers and Keilan's young farmhands. They live with their mother in Gon Atam.